Restaurant Report- Lufkin-12-19-13

Buffalo Wild Wings at 105 Miles Way Suite 100: 13 demerits for cabinets in the restroom need to be cleaned, seats and booths need to be cleaned, warmers and other kitchen equipment to be cleaned, sinks to be used for hand washing only, back door must fully self close and repair needed in walk0in freezer.

Maye's Catering at 1310 N. Temple Drive: 12 demerits for beef kept at 50 degrees must hold below 45 degrees, ceiling fan needs to be cleaned, repairs needed to the kitchen floor, equipment needs to be cleaned, not labeling and dating all food in coolers and storing toxics with food. Business closing December 31, 2013.

Corn Dog 7 at 4600 S. Medford: 11 demerits for not having food manager on site at all times, equipment and coolers need to be cleaned, need thermometer in front cooler and back freezer.

T&G Burger at 811 Pershing Ave: 11 demerits for not having food manager on site at all times, employees need updated FHC, food not labeled and dated, repairs needed under ice machine and drink station and  employees wearing jewelry.

Ralph and Kacoos at 310 S. First Street: 11 demerits for employees not having FHC, cleaning need under equipment, air vents, floor and drains and storing toxics with SSI.

China Max at 4600 S. Medford: 9 demerits for food kept at 113-126 degrees, must be above 135 degrees or above, storing food items on the floor or walk-in freezer, food not dated and labeled and bare wood needs repainting.

Taco Bell at 211 S. Timberland: 7 demerits for a leak in the back hand sink and equipment needs cleaning, freezer, drains, vents and ceiling tiles.

Kentucky Fried Chicken at 205 S. Timberland: 6 demerits for damaged drain pipes, damaged ice machine and sanitize must be kept at 200 ppm.

Crown Colony Grill at 900 Crown Colony Drive: 4 demerits for food kept at wrong temperatures and equipment and shelves need cleaning.

Dairy Queen at 202 N. Temple Drive: 4 demerits for dirty grill, trash can needs a lid and repairs needed in men and women's restrooms.

Outback Steakhouse at 2206 S. First Street: 4 demerits for employees needing ACCHD and FHC.

Don Correa at 4000 S. Medford: 3 demerits for not having quaternary test strips.

Cherry's Deli at 2701 N. Raguet: 0 demerits

Crown Colony Restaurant at 900 Crown Colony Drive: 0 demerits

La Unica Express at 200 N. Timberland: 0 demerits

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