Waldo the Vietnamese Potbellied pig needs a home

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - "Waldo is a Vietnamese Potbellied pig," said director of Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter, Aaron Ramsey.

That's right pet pigs need families too. He's about 5 years old and has spent the last 4 months at the animal shelter in need of a home.

"The most important part is having the space to house Waldo so just really a large fenced in area so just really a large fenced in area preferably if there's somebody out in the county looking for an animal that would be ideal," said Ramsey.

Staff at the shelter says it's pretty easy to keep Waldo satisfied he likes to eat. He loves to be scratched and of course he loves to sleep.

"He's a laid back pig really," said Ramsey. "He loves to eat. Loves the attention and be scratched and handled and that's his life."

Waldo needs a clean living area where he can be housed, fed and watered just like any other animal. He eats grass, hay, livestock feed and enjoys snacking on dog food. He's calm, likes attention and to hangout.

"He doesn't mind me handling him," said Ramsey. "The owner before had him as a pet and so he's used to being handled and he'll let you pet him and he's a gentle soul."

For more information on how to adopt our furry friend Waldo, call Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter at 936-633-0218.

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