Conque officially introduced as SFA head football coach

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - A new era of Stephen F. Austin football is officially here. New head coach Clint Conque was introduced today, and one thing is evident. After spending the last 14 years as the head man at Central Arkansas, Conque will bring a winning mentality to the SFa program, and a positive energy to go with it.

"Can't you tell, I'm charged up, this is a real opportunity for us to take this to the next level, and we are certainly look forward to doing that, " Conque said. He added, "Yes, I am very energized and ecstatic to be here. For many years, I have always felt that Stephen F. Austin is the crowned jewel of the Southland Conference.

A 5 and 6 campaign in 2013 lacked hype and energy. But a fresh start under a two time Southland Conference coach of the year who brings excitement has the players pumped. "It seems like he is going to be fun to play for and I like that about him. He is very energetic and I like that, " wide receiver Tyler Boys said. Running back Gus Johnson added, "We feed off the coach because ultimately he is the leader, you know just the trickle down effect. If he is excited and we are too, everybody is pumped and ready to go."

Conque didn't take this job to have a rebuilding season next year. Instead he's focused on reloading and taking advantage of the opportunity to coach at a tradition rich program. He said, "Because of the resources, because of its people, because of the opportunity to play at a high level and compete because of its recruiting footprint, that's why SFA. I didn't come here to play checkers, I'm not really good at chess or checkers anyway. I came here to compete for championships and win some rings and make sure we turn out graduates."

The last time SFA won a conference title was back in 2010. If the Jacks are going to get back to the top, Conque and team knows disciple football will need to be restored.

Boyd said, "Its a couple games we lost because you know we weren't disciplined, but hearing him say that's going to be a main force, that's the only thing we have been missing, so I'm ready." Johnson added, "That's where we struggled a lot this year. We made a lot of mistakes which basically came down to disciple. You know if we have a disciplined team I guarantee you we will win a lot more ball games.

Oh, and don't worry Lumberjack nation, Conque knows about your bitter rival. He said, "The Battle of the Pineywoods, we need to win one of those dudes!

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