Huntington basketball state champs reunite after 40 years

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - Winning a state championship 40 years ago is an accomplishment former Huntington basketball players will never forget. The red devils were honored Friday tonight as they reflected on their skills on and off the court. Many of them have not seen each other since they graduated high school in 1974.

One of Ken Loid's greatest memories is taking an East Texas basketball team to the ship. It's a championship title that is admired throughout Huntington High School.

"They had won state a couple times in the sixties so the tradition was here," said former coach Ken Loid. "We had a tremendous fan base. A lot of people really liked to support the team."

Loid and many of the former red devils have not seen each other in 40 years.

"It's wonderful to be able to see those guys and see that they've all turned out well and successful," Loid said. "I'm so proud of them. They're state champions on the floor and off the floor."

Having a 38-2 record before winning the championship game is something Roy Myers is still holding on to.

"It's something that I've carried with me and we always remember," former player Roy Myers said. "It's just like it was yesterday."

A few of the 15 former basketball players went on to play college ball including Myers and Robert Barnes; two of the tallest players to set foot in many East Texas gyms.

"Believe it or not at that time we had been integrated since the fifth grade and all the guys that we didn't know before we integrated we got to know," said former player Robert Barnes. "We followed one another along, believed in one another, and made it happen."

Friday night, players remember the two players and former cheerleader that have died.

Many supporters, previous faculty members, and cheerleaders attended Friday night's anniversary.

"It's just a rush of memories from back then comes flooding in on you," Myers said. "It's totally awesome."

These former champions are hoping to pass on their wisdom to present and future red devils.

"It's all about pride," Myers said. "You represent yourself, you represent your community, and dedicate yourself."

"It's all about unity," Barnes said.

Many of the players no longer reside in East Texas and Friday was the first time they had the chance to step foot in the new gym. They were honored during the varsity boys basketball game.

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