Family legacy stays safe

Nineteen thousand acres of wetlands will be safe, thanks to a deal between the TLL Temple Foundation and International Paper. At 6, Michelle Reed explains how the Boggy Slough will stay intact and treaded on lightly in the future.

Also at 6, Maegan Prejean shows you how one Angelina County family is giving children the ultimate shopping experience. Families are bringing their children to the Olds' Christmas store to learn how to shop on their own. They can get free gifts for themselves or even pick out a gift or two for their family members. It's all free and a way for kids to gain independence, boost their self-esteem and learn the meaning of giving.

And at 10, Caleb Beames explains how a woman who took a picture of a child with a bloody knife at her throat is avoiding jailtime.

Jeff Awtrey
Assignments editor