Angelina Co. family runs free Christmas home store

BURKE, TX (KTRE) - The yearly chaos of Christmas shopping started to feel impersonal. So Sylvia Olds and her family opened their own home store.

Whether you're in need or you want to give to someone else, you can start by grabbing a basket and picking any gift you'd like.

"It taught them self-esteem," Olds said. "They felt real proud of themselves that they could come to the secret store and get Mom and whoever a gift."

It all began with her two grandsons and now the whole family is involved.

"It has grown into some of my sister's kids coming who have kids," Olds said. "Right now, we have another family that is going to come tonight to shop; a family of six."

Olds may not know every child that steps foot inside her home store but they are all getting the olds' Christmas store experience.

At this store there is no need for money.

The family has been buying gifts to stock this room for the past few years.

"This room has been restocked about four or five times since the first kids have come through, so we've gotten a lot of donations from family," Olds said.

The family-operated store will even wrap your gifts for you and top it off with some hot chocolate.

"Now, they know there's a special place just for kids to come in here and get whatever they want, have it pre-wrapped so no one sees it, have entertainment with cookies, hot cocoa, a movie, and have fun with the rest of the kids that are here. It's kind of a social thing to get them use to giving and thinking about," Olds said.

For more information about the Olds' Christmas Store, you can contact Sylvia at 936-465-3112.

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