Lufkin woman brings angelic voice to hospital patients

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Lois Jasper's voice can be heard from every floor at Memorial Hospital in Lufkin.

It's an angelic sound, filled with passion and love for Jesus.

"This is where I come for people who need Jesus," Jasper said. "It's in the hospital. If you can do anything to bring them hope, this is where you're supposed to be."

Every Tuesday and Friday, Jasper sits at Memorial Hospital, with her song book and her voice.

Hoping to give those who are sad or sick a little bit of faith.

"People come down and say 'my parents are dying. And you've given me hope.' I will never forget that, saying I'm so glad you just gave me hope," Jasper said. "What else could I want?"

"Being born as I was born, I might as well be born in a manger," Jasper said. "Come up with a father but I can say I never missed him because momma took care of everything I needed."

The 85-year-old has never had any kids and only married once.

"He was my first love," she said. "And then I saw him about 40 years later at a conference, a Methodist conference in Georgia and I met him and we got married and he left me and I'm not crying anymore."     

Because she says she found something else to fill that void.

"Singing is a part of me and I would go anywhere to sing if they let me sing," Jasper said.

And sing she does.

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