Restaurant Report - Nacogdoches - 12/26/13

La Braza, 3714 South Street: 15 demerits for proper disposal of old onions is needed, use by dates needed, back flow preventer needed, provide thermometers for all freezers.

Asian City, 2732 North Street: 13 demerits for keep boxes of foods stored off freezer floor, need soap and towels at all handwash sinks, proper storage of toxic items needed.

Cici's Pizza, 3801 North St.: 13 demerits for discarded several dressings due to improper cold hold temperatures, employees need to have drinks in non-spillable container or have lid and straw, discarded two cans of pineapples.

Mexico Lindo, 4010 South St.: 11 demerits for employees need to have coffee in non-spillable container in food prep area, all foods need to be covered and stored off cooler, freezer and kitchen floors, provide thermometers for all coolers.

University Drive Shell, 1000 East Main St.: Seven demerits for discarded two milks, two containers of mayonnaise, keep ice scoop in clean container.

University Drive Chevron, 1000 North University Drive: Seven demerits for sandwiches need use by date, provide thermometer for sandwich cooler.

Donut Palace, 5105 North St. Suite #2: Seven demerits for keep coolers wiped down and sanitary, keep vents clean, weatherproof all entries and exits.

Nacogdoches Donuts, 3805 South St.: Seven demerits for four hour rule chart needed, keep utensils out of handwash sink.

Mazzio's Pizza, 1133 North University Drive: Seven demerits for keep vents clean in food prep area, provide thermometers for all coolers.

Rudy's #11 Deli and Grill, 107 North St.: Four demerits for keep foods covered in walk-in cooler.

Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital Cafeteria, 1204 North Mound St.: Use by date needed on fajita meat.

Zero demerits: Rudy's #11 Convenience Store.