Godtel, volunteers make Christmas brighter for residents with annual breakfast

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - For 30 years one East Texasministry has been making the Christmas season brighter for those in need.

On Wednesday, Godtel Ministrieskept their tradition of service going to ensure everyone was fed on Christmas Day.The kindness of strangers helped to spread Christmas cheer.

"Godtel stands for 'God's open door to eternallife,'" said Martin Baker, the vice president and director for missions forGodtel.

And that's exactlywhat the Lufkin mission did; it opened its doors on Christmas Day.

"I smelled the baconfrom outside," said Teighlor Little, a Godtel resident.

This marked the sixthyear for Godtel to host their Christmas Day breakfast. Volunteers say theirgoal is to help provide those in need with a Christmas-filled with cheer.

Little said she'sbeen staying at Godtel for the past three weeks and said it's nice to have aplace to call home.

"It feels really goodto just be able to have somewhere to have a roof over my head and not be undera bridge," Little said.

Little said she'sthankful for volunteers like 12-year-old Ty Edins for making their Christmas alittle bit brighter.

"We've just beenworking hard on the food for everybody," Edins said.

Edins came to Godtelwith his mom and dad. He said this is his first year to ever volunteer insteadof opening gifts on Christmas Day.

"I feel kind ofgood because I'm helping people that have no home, and now, they have a placeto stay," Edins said.

Resident ChristopherThemis said he's been looking forward to the Christmas breakfast. He said it'sa true blessing and a reminder of the kindness of good people.

"I'm sure when you'rea young kid you're looking for Santa Claus to come and bring you stuff, but asyou grow older you realize there are more important things," Themis said.

That's what thespirit of Christmas is all about.

Godtel officials say that duringthe Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays is when they see an increase involunteers. However, they also except volunteers years round to help serve thecommunity.

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