Arrival Of Ballots -- Just In Time

Printing companies are frantically attempting to fill orders for millions of election ballots. Nacogdoches County just received ballots on Thursday, even though their order was placed very early.

The progress of the election process revolves around their arrival. Boxes and boxes of ballots line the election office walls. Still there are probably not enough.

Election Coordinator Debra Gaston said, "We have 21,000. We've received all of our ballots and we are going to look at our registration numbers and do a reorder within the next couple of days."

As soon as fed ex delivered the ballots, the process of stuffing envelopes with mail out ballots began. Debra Gaston was there until ten o'clock at night. "We've received more mail out ballot applications than we ever have in any election. We're right at about 1200."

More first time voters always come out during a presidential year. SFA will be bringing busloads college students from noon to four on Monday, the first day of early voting. Gaston is ready. "We'll have a full staff, we'll have two tables set up with a complete precincts of all the ballots. We're trying to avoid some long lines."

And voters can help by bringing their voter registration card or a valid id. The ballots are waiting for your vote.