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Salvation Army returns ring to generous donor


Sometimes in life the things we lose have a way of coming back to us. That couldn't be more true for Shelie Bravo Williams.

On Dec. 23 Williams dropped a gold ring and note into a kettle at 82nd and Frankford with the intent of remaining anonymous, but the story of her gift was too good to keep secret.

It was the ring Williams gave her late husband on their first Christmas together.

Williams lost her husband to cancer seven years ago and was looking for a way to carry on his legacy.

"Anything I can do to carry on his giving heart," she said.

After much investigating and research, the Salvation Army was able to follow the breadcrumbs back to Williams.

"I saw the ring on TV and I was literally having a cup of coffee and crying because I never thought I would see the ring again," Williams said.

She just wondered, "Why are they looking for me?"

Salvation Army workers said they were shocked at what they discovered inside that red kettle on Monday.

"I just gave her a hug because it was so awesome to finally meet the woman who thought of her husband so much that she gave something like that to someone else."

The note read:

"In honor of my husband who passed away 7 yrs. ago today. He was my Angel and I know he continues to watch over me and his family. He had a giving heart and would want to help however he could. This was his ring, It's not much but I hope it helps… Merry Christmas & GOD BLESS."

An anonymous donor approached the Salvation Army and said they wanted to donate the value of the ring, on the condition that it would be returned to its owner.

"To me that just means that I'm meant to help someone else in their time of need with it..." Williams said.

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