Recycle your e-waste at Lufkin Goodwill

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Did you get a new computer or laptop for Christmas, if so Goodwill has a place for you to recycle your old one?

Goodwill has an e-waste recycling program right here in Lufkin.

People can drop off their old, broken or outdated computers and computer accessories at the Lufkin Goodwill donation center.

And through a partnership with Dell, all the e-waste is recycled and your personal information is protected.

"We are the ultimate recycler and our partnership with Dell allows us to one keep things out of the landfill because computers and e-waste are definitely toxic materials that we don't want to put in the landfill it keeps them out and it's free and so it's a great thing for the community to do," said Erica Cook, Director of Mission Services at Goodwill.

Goodwill also accepts cell phones, TV's and other electronics as well.

The money raised from recycling is used to provide a job to a person who handles all the e-waste donations.

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