Lufkin native shares love of music through homemade guitars

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The love of music for aformer Lufkin High School band member started at an early age and has neverleft. Now, Carl Wallace shares that love by making some pretty interestinginstruments.

When browsing through thewide selection of guitars at Sound Techs in Lufkin, customers will find acorner that is home to some unusual guitars made out of cigar boxes and othertypes of containers.

"People always asks, 'Howdid you think of that?', and really it is nothing new," Wallace said. "If youlook at old pictures dating back to the civil war, you will see troops aroundcampfires with instruments made out of boxes and barrels."

Wallace admits these arenot the quality of Gibson guitars, but said he is satisfied with the sound.

"People can makemusic real complicated," Wallace said. "I just thought I would make music verysimple with three strings, a cigar box and a stuck for a neck."

Wallace said there isnothing fancy about his creations, and that they come from a lifetime of lovingof music.

"There's something aboutbeing able to make it and I like to make it cheap," Wallace said. "A little bitof the effort is browsing flea markets and thrift stores looking for nice boxes."

Wallace says he nevertries to spend over $5 per item.

Guitars aren't the onlythings he has created. Wallace finds small boxes that he can turn into homemadeamplifiers. He has even found a way to create a drum kit out of a bed pan and suitcase,proving that everything has more than just one purpose.

"As you start lookingfor things, you see more possibilities," Wallace said. "As in any part of yourlife, you have to look a little deeper."

Wallace said that eachguitar is different, but for right now his favorite one is a 12 days of Christmascigar box he found at a thrift store in Houston.

To find out more about Wallace and hisguitars you can visit his blog.

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