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Supreme Court orders Obama administration to respond to healthcare challenge

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Another big ruling is expected regarding President Obama’s healthcare law.

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor temporarily blocked a part of the law, which requires religiously affiliated employers to provide insurance plans that cover contraception at no cost. Justice Sotomayor’s temporary injunction ordered the Obama administration to respond by 9 A.M. CT Friday morning.

The last minute decision to block the contraception portion of the law came after nearly 100 religiously affiliated groups had filed lawsuits against that portion of the mandate. Justice Sotomayor specifically responded to a request from a group of nuns based in Denver known as Little Sisters of the Poor, who argue the requirement violates their civil rights.

Following the Obama administration’s response, the temporary injunction could either be lifted or made permanent.

East Texas Baptist University was just one of the 89 groups in the midst of a legal battle of the new law. Their case was decided just last Friday, with a federal court in Houston ruling in favor of the university. Their case could be overturned in a court of appeals should the administration decide to appeal.

“We’ve been fighting for this really for two reasons,” said ETBU President Dr. Dub Oliver. “One is religious liberty and also our issue is the sanctity of life. We've got to be really careful not to fall asleep on these basic fundamental rights that are guaranteed under the Constitution."

The White House has already indicated that they believe the law addresses the concerns brought by religious groups, however their official response is expected Friday morning.

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