Local Election Headquarters Depend On Volunteers

No matter what your political preference, you can give your county's party headquarters credit for getting the word out about candidates. Volunteers donate their time and money to create awareness about the political process.

It's where multi million dollar presidential campaigns are helped at the grass roots level, whether its putting together signs, manning the phone, or walking the neighborhood blocks handing out literature volunteers work hard to get the candidates' name out.

Democratic Party volunteer Jenny Henson has noticed that, "This election there's a lot better interest than I've ever seen before. It's a lot more mainstream people, instead of the ones who have always been active with the party. They all want to help."

Kerry and Bush signs are the most popular requests. If you take one, leave a donation. Both county headquarters must purchase the presidential signs they hand out.

Republican Party volunteer Margaret Palm said, "With all the millions each party has the money is going to the states that could go either direction. They know how Texas is going."

Party headquarters share another concern. Each place posts regular hours, that aren't always kept by volunteers. For this story we had to call in volunteers at both party headquarters to open up.

J.J. Saulino opened the door at the Democratic headquarters. "It's just difficult sometimes to keep it going every hour of every day. For the ones who do work, we're grateful."

And does all the work and campaign material really make a difference? Republican Leon Hutchison is a veteran at presidential elections. He says at this point, "no". "They pretty well got their minds made up now and early voting starts on Monday...so they're ready now to go vote."