Feral Cat Day Observed

Many alley cats in Nacogdoches are living better lives these days. They're guaranteed food, water, and the inability to repopulate thanks to the 'O'Malley Alley Cat Organization.' www.omalleyalleycat.com

You can learn more about the group's efforts Saturday, on National 'Feral Cat Day.' The day raises awareness about 'non lethal' feline population control. Lots of feral cats in Nacogdoches are now being vaccinated, spayed and neutered. Wild ones are released to their colony, but shelters provide a safe haven. Many adoptable ferals are also placed in good homes.

Founder Diana Hensley explained, "Our organization reduces the population in a humane manner and places cats that are tame or can be socialized, such as kittens."

You can see some of those kittens Saturday from noon to three at 1401 Mound Street. O'Malley Alley Cat will be hosting a cheese enchilada dinner and a fundraising auction.