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Shoppers stock up on groceries ahead of the storm


Shoppers rushed to grocery stores to stock up ahead of the cold weather.

"I'm getting milk," one shopper said. "As you can see, where I usually get it, it's already empty."

With many local schools and businesses closed through Tuesday, shoppers are anticipating being stuck inside.

"I'm staying off the roads," the shopper said. "I'm going to hunker down and stay home."

The warm temperatures confused plenty of people.

"Everybody keeps talking about it, but I'm not that concerned because it's pretty warm outside," said Beth Lamb.

Temperatures were in the upper 40s Sunday afternoon. By Sunday evening, they were below freezing and forecasted to drop down into the single digits in some places.

"I don't like that much drop in temperature," Lamb said. "That freaks me out."

Doctors say being outside in the frigid weather could put you at risk for upper respiratory illness and skin injuries.

"Dress warmly, dress in layers," said Kristen Crossman a physician at Vanderbilt Medical Center's Pediatric Emergency Department. "No prolonged exposure. Use caution or care especially with older individuals or younger individuals."

Doctors warn not to overlook the signs of frostbite. The symptoms are "extreme cold hands, cold feet especially to the extremities, and to the nose and tips of the ears. Loss of sensation is another big sign," Crossman said.

If you're staying indoors, Crossman says to make sure your heaters are working properly.

"One thing that we do see when people have to turn on their heaters is carbon monoxide toxicity," Crossman said. "So if you're having feelings of headache or other concerns that's something to think about."

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