Kids Getting Heart Healthy

by Jessica Cervantez

A big push continues for schools all over Texas. State leaders are encouraging schools to teach students how to stay healthy.

Kids at Brandon Elementary are strutting their stuff. It's a competition to see how many times they can run around the track.

Paula Rusk, the physical education teacher, said, "It was just an incentive to get our kids to exercise more. Every time they go around the track it's a quarter of a mile, when they go five miles they get a little foot they can wear around a chain, when they go 25 miles we give them a big foot. This has been a real incentive to get the kids in better shape and to run."

Will Chance, a third grader, said, "It's really fun because you can challenge yourself to see how long it takes you to make a lap."

The students are learning if you don't start healthy habits early, you might be in trouble later in life.

Katie Philp, another student, said, "They're probably not going to be as well off as other people when they get older, and are going to get bigger, and not going to be able to do other things that people will usually do."

The fitness challenge is also taken indoors. Kids use an obstacle course to learn about the heart and how it works. It's hoped these creative activities reach their goal, encouraging the kids to stay fit throughout their lives.

Caitlin Robinson, a third grader said, "So you can be healthy and you won't get diabetes like some people have, and you won't get cavities and make your teeth fall out, and so you won't get fat."