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East Texas plumbers face heavy workload due to freezing temperatures


With a second night of sub freezing temps across Deep East Texas, plumbing crews were out in full force.

"We will be running busted water lines today and changing out water heaters tomorrow," Nacogdoches Sheet Metal and Plumbing's Keith Kimbrough said. Kimbrough added that by 10 am Tuesday morning, the office had already received almost 20 work orders.

Kimbrough agreed to take a news crew along with him to several house calls, but before the guided tour could start, Kimbrough got a call that a Center nursing home had a busted pipe, leaving the residents with no water.

"We needed them guys to come over here and take care of the big issue, because there was water coming off the roof," maintenance worker Donival McCoy said. "It was just like it was raining ice."

Staff at the nursing home knew they were lucky to get help on a busy day.

"We just try to prepare for instances in the future," administrator, Cherry Smith said.

The leak ended up being a small fix. Kimbrough used a new "pex" pipe that will not leak, but swell when it freezes. Kimbrough also added covering to keep out the cold temps. It is something he suggests everybody to do.

"Before you come up on a freeze, go out there and check it, Kimbrough said. "Make sure the insulation is still good. Make sure it is sealed good."

20 minutes after Kimbrough arrived on scene, the leak is fixed, and the guys are off to another leak, and another chance to teach others about pipe safety.

The plumbers at Nacogdoches Sheet Metal and Plumbing say they expect another day of heavy work, with tomorrow focusing on outdoor water heaters that have frozen.

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