Woman Says She Was Attacked Twice By Same Man

Mary Servin, Pat's mother said, "it scares me to death. Because I know theres plenty of people out there that has lost their children but I don't want to loose any more."

A mother is worried after her daughter was attacked twice by the same man, and almost killed.

Pat Marshall was attacked earlier this month when a man put a rope around her neck, strangling her until she passed out. The family says the same man attacked her just 5 weeks before when he hit her and threw her into a deep freezer.

Pat has been unable to work since the first attack because of a back injury so the family came together Saturday to help raise money in her time of need.

They've been working all week long, and they started the day early. Getting things ready for the garage sale. A garage sale that will hopefully be of some financial help to a woman who has fought for her life not once, but twice.

Mary said, "all of a sudden he grabbed her and he put a rope around her neck and he literally was trying to choke her to death. He left her for dead. She was passed out."

Mary's daughter Pat was attacked outside her home on October 2nd, and has been unable to work as a house cleaner since the first attack on August 28th. In fact, she wasn't able to make it out to the garage sale because of her injuries.

To help with personal and medical expenses, her family and friends put together a garage and bake sale. The items weren't much, 50 cents here, a dollar there. Basically pennies in a tin can, but its all they can do for their loved one.

"It's a day to day struggle to watch her have to stay in her house and be afraid. But she has the Lord on her side and He, He was the one that has saved her both times," said Mary.

With Angelina County Sheriff's Officers still investigating, Mary worries that it may happen again.

Mary said, "I don't want to loose my daughter. She's my friend, and my daughter. And she and my son and their families, I don't want anything to happen to them."