Naranjo Museum dazzles judges winning first place in Light Up Lufkin competition

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - In December of 2013, Dr. Neal Naranjo, the director of the Naranjo Museum of Natural History, announced he would participate in the Business Division of the City of Lufkin's Park and Recreations Light Up Lufkin Competition, and he spared no expense.

He decorated his fossils with Santa hats, lit up dinosaur bones, and even had dinosaurs delivering presents to a Nativity Scene.

On Friday, the city presented Naranjo with his first place plague for the competition.

"Oh it was really cool. You know being a new entity in town and our first Light Up Lufkin entry we had a blast. We had animated dinosaurs bringing gifts to baby Jesus at the Nativity scene and slide shows and all sorts of stuff and it was really cool and one of our interns really helped on it and me and Veronica we had fun putting it up and all. I think everyone should light up for Christmas now days," Naranjo said.

Castle Hodges, the Recreation Specialist for Lufkin Park and Recreation, said Naranjo's displays knocked the other businesses out of the ball park.

"I thought that Dr. Naranjo's display was really unique. The lights and everything looked really good but on top of that he had his own twist with the dinosaurs and then a slide show of dinosaurs and stuff like that. He had a great Christmas display and it also reflected on the museum so it was really neat," Hodges said.

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