Nacogdoches Republicans host forum for county judge candidates

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The March 4th primary is less than three months away. In Nacogdoches County voters will choose from three Republicans running for county judge. On Monday, all three candidates participated in the race's first political forum.

It was a diversified group of political hopefuls.

The political hopefuls included a middle-age business woman, a somewhat younger business man, and a mature former office holder also with a business background.

"It says more people than we had any idea have their finger on the pulse of our county," said Dorothy Smith, the president of Nacogdoches County's Republican Women.

And perhaps they're concluding some of the same thoughts.

In this forum there was more agreement than disagreement.

"Please explain what area of the current budget you think are non-critical and you would seek to do away with and why," the forum's moderator said.

"That's a hard decision to make because every part of the budget is important to somebody," said Donna Finley, one of the three candidates for Nacogdoches County Judge.

"The budget is critical to everyone," said county judge candidate Max McCormack. "Each little part is special to someone."

"There won't be any decision before we all get there," said county judge candidate Mike Perry. "When we get to the meeting then we'll make the decision."

The candidates also agreed the convention center should pay for itself without competing with existing business and that the county shouldn't become too dependent on federal grants. They're running for some of the same reasons too.

"I was very active in the Nacogdoches community, and I decided this was the next step of my level of giving back to the community," Finley said.

"I truly believe in the virtue of public service, and I believe a public servant should lead as a servant leader with integrity, honesty, and commitment," McCormack said.

"I've gotten to the point that I have the time to do it, and I'm not running against anybody," Perry said. "I'm just running for the taxpayers and Nacogdoches County."

No forum can cover all the topics, but it can generate an interest in the race among voters.

"We're hoping everyone will come out March 4 for the primary," Smith said. We're very, very excited about that."

And that's really the primary objective of most any forum, particularly the first one of the political season.

There are no Democratic candidates for county judge in Nacogdoches County.

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