The end is in sight for several East Texas street and highway pr - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

The end is in sight for several East Texas street and highway projects


Anyone who has lived in Houston or the Dallas-Fort Worth area can testify that living around construction is no fun.

However, don't worry; the end is in sight for some, and others have shown big improvements.

It's something that East Texans have started to see more of with projects popping up on state and city roads. But now, there are signs of completion.

The new North Brentwood Drive connecting the Walmart shopping area with the loop is open.

"We were trying to improve that traffic flow through that shopping center," said Keith Wright, Lufkin's deputy city manager. "The second reason, we were looking at is the potential development that would take place along that route."

"Getting from here to work and back has been a lot easier," said Lufkin resident Kristen Walden.

Employees in the Palms shopping center see the improvements as well.

"I feel like they have been doing a lot of good to help the flow of traffic and reduce risks for wrecks," Charles Brunner said.

The Brentwood project isn't the only roadwork being done in the area. On the north side, U.S. Highway 59 at the loop and at FM 2021, construction has been holding steady, and crews say there are no delays and no major closures in the near future.

On Highway 7, officials say work on the passing lanes and shoulder is coming to a close. Motorists should see normal travel conditions by the end of January.

While it might cause a headache now, officials say that the added construction should be seen as a positive.

"People see progress, they look at it as a city that's moving forward," Wright said. "That we are not stagnant; that we are not just trying to maintain the status quo."

TxDOT spokeswoman Kathi White said that even though there are no planned closures right now, motorists should pay attention to warning signs about upcoming closures.

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