Sheriff Greg Sanches reviews 2013 milestones for Angelina Sheriff's Office

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Greg Sanches began his tenure as Angelina County sheriff with comp time and man power issues but despite a bumpy start he says they achieved many major milestones.

Sanches review the past year's accomplishments in county law enforcement.

More than 25,000 calls for service came through the Angelina County Sheriff's Office in 2013 dispatching deputies to  nearly 500 burglaries, 838 thefts, 901 disturbances, 317 assaults, 14 forcible rapes, 2 homicides, the list goes on.

"We made it through it. We were short-handed all year," said Sanches.

But you would never know fewer deputies were on the road because they logged more than 1,200 traffic stops, nearly 4 times more than last year.

"For the year 12 did close to 200/300…and that's a good thing when it comes to being proactive for the citizens out there," said Sanches. [We're] "making sure that we're being really proactive on our drugs and other major crimes in the county."

Sanches also kept his campaign promise of hiring a deputy to police the south end of Angelina County.

"The main thing is we have a resident deputy on the south end and that's a good thing as we've already seen from the folks they really like it," said Sanches.

An audit and inventory of the department's evidence room cleared 2,453 cases and county dispatch volunteer to take on dispatching county volunteer fire departments.

Sanches also brought his office into the 21st century by developing their own smartphone app.

"I think it's been good. We've also got a lot of response from the public that they send us information and has helped solve some crimes," said Sanches.

Sanches says both his office and the jail were able to save tax payer money and give his deputies raises.

"We got the courthouse security and we were also able to at the end of the  year get the raise for the deputies which will be more competitive now," said Sanches.

Sanches is already working on his goals for 2014 which include looking into different grants to add more tools of the trade, writing new policies on comp time and continuing to do a professional job.

"The whole idea is to protect the folks and serve the people and we're not going to be perfect all the time but one thing about it is we're going to do our best," said Sanches

More detail on first year benchmarks:

- Successfully attained a substantial pay increase for all Angelina County Sheriff's Department and Jail Division employees

- "Professional Code of Ethics" conduct policy implemented (on and off duty)

- Conducting regular sex offender compliance checks on all registered sex offenders

- Destruction of approximately $2 million worth of cocaine from cases dating back to 1997 and $250,000 of marijuana dating back to 1992

- Cleared 163 firearms cases: 149 firearms awarded to law enforcement for destruction or seizure, 14 firearms returned to owner

- Officer safety issue resolved with the installation of 3 new radio consoles in the dispatch room

- All seized vehicles awarded to ASCO disposed of

- Interior & exterior of ACSO office and jail cleaned and repainted utilizing inmate labor

- Received the following grants that provided funding for equipment like 6 portable breath testers, 2 Polaris Rangers, new bullet proof vests and 8 tasers, plus overtime for officers, reserve deputies, courtroom bailiffs and constables and law enforcement training.

2013 Statistics:

- 24,557 calls for service received by ASCO communications

- 16,882 for ASCO

- 5,556 incoming 911 calls received by ASCO

- Recovered more than half a million dollars of stolen property

- 1,228 traffic stops

- 93 illegal dumping calls, inmate crews worked 6,000 hours and picked up 1,649 bags of trash weighing more than 31,000 lbs.

- 5,486 warrants received/2,709 warrants served

- 48 writs executed

- 1,479 animal/livestock calls, 63 livestock impounded (40 of which were returned to their owner with restitution collected)

Types of calls:

1,083 alarms

901 disturbances

216 harassment

67 illegal burn

102 intoxicated persons

474 suspicious persons

59 runaways

118 prowler

1,479 animal/livestock

177 accident assists

370 loud noise/music

181 civil standby

1,228 traffic stops

334 911 violation

112 UUMV

10 sex offender violation

373 assaults

838 thefts

494 burglary

77 burglary (vehicle)

68 sex assault

500 welfare concern

7,621 various other calls

Offenses resulting in criminal investigation:

2 homicide

14 forcible rape

4 robbery

317 assault

344 burglary

447 larceny-theft

85 narcotics

38 motor vehicle theft

Jail division accomplishments:

- Reduced offender meal costs by approx. 30%

- Recouped $36,000 in offender transport costs from TDCJ-ID

- Established a compliance officer to monitor adherence to jail standards

- Completed and passed annual State Jail inspection

- Reduced 2014 supply budget request by $40,000

Jail statistics:

- Booked in 5,521 inmates (average 15/day)

- Released 5,503 inmates (average 15/day)

- Averaged daily jail population for 2013 was 231 (male: 198/female: 33)

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