Center woman climbing to the top of the New York Times bestseller list with spicy romance novels

CENTER, TX (KTRE) - Editor's Note: Story contains some strong sexual nature that might be sensitive to some readers.

A Center woman's stories of love and lust has been sweeping off the bookshelves for years and now the tale of love inside a tattoo parlor is hitting the New York Times bestsellers list.

The fight for love sometimes comes with road bumps or in Cherrie Lynn's fictional world—tattoo rash.

"Each of the books is really about opposites attracting and it's really fun to write about. Most of them have the tattoo artist and the good girl," Lynn said.

The author's recent book "Take Me On", which is published through international publishing company Samhain Publishing, has been ranked number 17 on the New York Times Bestseller list for eBooks. But this isn't her first time on the list. Her book "Leave Me Breathless" ranked number 9 on the digital list and number 18 on the combined print and digital list. She has also been ranked on USA Today's bestseller's list.

So for Lynn…sex really does sell. And for the world? The mixture of sweet and spice is a perfect combo for a good romance novel.

"I just know that when I'm at a book signing people will come up to me and just [sigh]. They just love being swept away by a book," Lynn said.

The former Nacogdoches CPS caseworker and juvenile probation officer say her love for writing started at a young age.

"Being a young girl and going to get my mom's romance novels when she didn't know, which might shock some people, but I write about that for a living now and I don't see a problem," Lynn said.

Lynn originally worked as a copy editor for her publishing company and when a cattle call came out for "red, hot summer stories," she decided to take the plunge coming up with her idea of connected characters centered around a tattoo parlor.

"That's what I edited and I thought I can do this. I always loved romance but kind of the spicier stuff was what I was editing," Lynn said.

Lynn says romance novels have always been on the bookshelves, but the recent thirst for publications that sizzle she thinks comes from the recent "Fifty Shades of Grey" craze.

"There were always the BDSM books out there, but "Fifty Shades" hitting it so big and getting all those readers…I think there was maybe a stigma involved with what they were reading and now it is not really there anymore," Lynn said.

Since being on the top sellers list, Lynn has traveled all over the country for book bashed.

"For the Orlando book bash there was literally a line wrapped around the building," Lynn said.

She has even turned down international book bashes because she says it's hard to travel with her young children. But she says she loves to meet her fans.

"I've had more than one tell me 'my husband thanks you!'" Lynn said.

Although sex might not sell for some, it does for Lynn.

"It's part of who they are…really stripped down to their core, not just physically but emotionally. They're baring their soul to someone," Lynn said.

Lynn is currently working on her seventh book and will be featured in an anthology with several other romance novel writers this summer.

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