Angelina County GOP candidates gather at Lufkin meet and greet

Courtesy of Ken Paxton
Courtesy of Ken Paxton

LUFKIN, TX (AP) - The Lufkin Convention Center was filled with hopeful candidates Tuesday night running for several local and state-wide Republican positions.

Most greeted familiar faces, while some greeted new. Angelina County resident Doug Conn says he and his wife came out to the event to see if they can meet any new candidates.

"I'm having a good time walking around meeting them and finding out what their mindsets are on issues that I might have on my mind as far as our state is concerned," Conn said.

State Representative Trent Ashby was in attendance and so was Dan Branch, who is running for Attorney General.

Earlier in the day, Senator Ken Paxton greeted locals at Standpipe Coffee House to share his policies if he wins the Attorney General candidacy.

Paxton says he believes people are concerned with the direction the country is headed and as a result are worried about the intrusion the federal government is going to have on "our" 10th Amendment rights.

"We need an Attorney General who is willing to stand up to Obama and Eric Holder and fight so we can continue to create jobs here and continue to make opportunities for people and create educational opportunities for people," Paxton said.

The primary election will be held on March 4 of this year.

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