Crockett family of 9 loses house in fire

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - A Crockett family of nine lost all their belongings in a fire on Overstreet Circle Wednesday afternoon.

"From the outside youcan hardly tell there was a fire there," said John Angerstein, Crockett Fire Chief.

According to Crockett Fire Chief John Angerstein, the fire started around 3 p.m. on the 1100 block of Overstreet Circle. Nobody was home and the cause is under investigation.

Angerstein said the father is a mechanic and he had oil on his clothes and that the fire may have started in a laundry basket.

"It's pretty muchtotaled, my house is gone," said Artega.

The house frame is still intact but the inside is a total loss.

The family has insurance on the house, but not on the belongings.

"It had been burningfor quite some time the entire house was closes, the door, the windows wereclosed it heated up the entire house to a great extent," said Angerstein.

Crockett resident Gary Beard who heard about the situation has offered a vacated rent house to the family until they can get back on their feet.

"I'm not sure what lengthof time they're going to need the help but however long they need help we aregoing to try to help them," said Beard.

Those interested in donating clothing for seven children, ages two to 14, and for adults, as well as non-perishable food or toys or small household items can drop it off at the Crockett Fire Station. Money can be donated at Prosperity Bank in Crockett or Grapeland.

Below are the names and clothes sizes of the Artega family:

Apolinar (father): Pants 30x32, medium shirt, size-9 shoes.

Deyanira (mother): Size 14 pants, large shirt, size-9 shoes.

Brandon (14): Size-12 pants, medium shirt, size-5 shoes.

Julian (12): Size-12 pants, large shirt, size 5 1/2-shoes.

Christian (10): Size 8-10 pants, medium shirt, size-4 shoes.

Jesus (8): Size 6-7 pants, small shirt, size-2 shoes.

Deyanira (4): Size four-plus pants, 3-plus shirt, size-10 shoes.

Maria (2): Size 2-plus pants, 2-plus shirt, size-8 shoes.

Julia (1): One-year-old size clothes and shoes.

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