Behind Lone Ranger's mask is a pup who likes to cuddle

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Meet Lone Ranger, instead of fighting for injustice this 7-month-old Rat Terrier mix prefers cuddling and tail wagging.

"Our volunteers came up with a name of Lone Ranger because you can tell he's a tri-colored Terrier but he's got the mask around his face so that's how we came up with the name," said director of Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter, Aaron Ramsey.

Lone Ranger is pretty laid-back, of course he likes to get out and play just like most dogs do but he's just as comfortable lounging inside or in your lap

Lone Ranger would be perfectly happy snuggled up with his family on the couch

"Yep he's a cuddler," said Ramsey. "He'd be a good dog just for somebody looking for a dog that's not going to require a lot of exercise and attention just to kind of hangout in the house and watch tv and be a lap dog."

He's not too hyper, likes to play ball, is open to meeting new people and craves attention.

"As you can tell just a very loving sweet dog he would make a good dog for someone looking for an apartment dog or something that wouldn't require a large fence because of his smaller size," said Ramsey.

For more information on how to adopt our furry friend Lone Ranger
Call Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter at 936-633-0218     

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