Angelina Co. Health District launches women’s care services in new Preventive Health Center

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The Angelina County and Cities HealthDistrict has added a new facility and health program to expand their service tothe community.

The Preventive Health Center willhouse the counties immunization program and new women's care service.

"Women are thecaregivers and they seem to get everyone to the doctor except themselves,"said Dr.Kaywin Cater MD, Obstetric/Gynecologic Physician.

In August of last yearPlanned Parenthood in Angelina County closed its doors, doors that have now reopenedas the Preventive Health Center.

"From family planningto birth control is huge that's the main thing we are going to be doing,screening for cancer, cervical cancer basically any women's health issue isgoing to be covered," said Carter.

The expanded primaryhealth care program provides primary and preventative care to women 18 andolder who can't receive the care.

"We'll interview themand help them find what is best for them and get them where they need to be inthis program," said Carter.

Physician Dr. Kaywin Carter encouragespotential patients to be proactive when it comes to their health.

"We don't want you towait until you have a problem we want you to get established now before youhave a problem so we can pick it up early and hopefully prevent it alltogether," said Carter.

In just a month the preventivecenter has already seen 40 patients and the center also offers immunizationsfor the county."

"Immunization is hugefor prevention of disease," said Sarah Adams, Immunization and InfectiousDisease Director.

The immunizationdepartment is located at the back end of the building, administrator Sharon Shawsays this is just the beginning of the development of services from thecommunity.

"We've been in ourother building now for 14 years and we are ready to grow," said Shaw.

Eligibility is limited to women whose familyincome is at or below 200% of the federal poverty level, and who areuninsured.

Administrator Sharon Shaw says theyare hosting an open house for potential patients in February.

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