Tenaha's Head Football Coach Terry Ward nominated in Heart of a Champion Bowl: 'It's an honor'

TENAHA, TX (KTRE) - Tenaha Head Football Coach Terry Ward has been nominated to be a part of the coaching staff in the 4th Annual Heart of a Champion Bowl.

It's a bowl game set up by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Coaches from all over East Texas came together Tuesday, and drafted 100 players to participate in the game.

All the drafted players are seniors, and it may be their last chance to suit up and play.

The players will be divided up into a red team and a blue team.

Ward will coach on the red team and be on the defensive side.

Ward says being a part of this bowl game to represent Tenaha is an honor.

"Anytime you get asked to do something like this, it's a great honor. It means that you've had some success and your peers see you," said Ward. "The organization is great. To be mentioned with the same breath as some of these coaches, and being a part of this is something to be proud of.  It's a great honor to be a part of this."

The rosters will be finalized and announced February 16th. The game is set to be played at Rose Stadium in Tyler June 14th.