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Portland prankster tries to get school postponed


A prankster in Portland tried to pull a fast one, but the middle school's principal was ready.

On Tuesday around 7 p.m. someone sent an email from Principal Scott Giegerich's account informing staff and parents that the middle school and high school would be closed until Monday due to a heating problem.

But it turns out the entire thing was a hoax.

"Unfortunately someone analyzed what I write, and used my terminology writing," said Giegerich.

About 15 minutes after the initial email was sent, Giegerich sent out another email saying the first email was not him and in fact there would be school.

"It's alarming, it's concerning and it's something I wouldn't have expected," Giegerich said. "It seems like there is a savvy individual. I don't know how you would have gotten my password, go through all that work to send out an email like that, which was immediately refuted. It was a lot of work for no advantage."

Seventh-grader Casey Bakies said he heard about the hoax this morning at his bus stop.

"I'm kind of wondering how someone even got into the principal's account," he said. "That's my question."

If the culprit was a student, Giegerich said they have a pretty good idea of what the motive might have been.

"We have midterms this Thursday and Friday and perhaps someone needed a little extra study break," he said.

In the wake of the hoax, Giegerich said he changed his password and the school district will investigate the incident.

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