Angelina Co. Brookshire Brothers pharmacies out of flu vaccines

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Brookshire Brothers pharmacies in Angelina County are completely out of the flu shot and don't anticipate any more shipments this season.

Chestnut location pharmacy manager, Matt Baker says the high demand for flu shots early this year has wiped out the supply for Brookshire Brothers but he says being out of stock of the vaccine is not necessarily a bad thing because that means that more people were being proactive about their health and getting vaccinated.

"We just gave our last one Monday so we've had to turn quite a few people away unfortunately this has been the perfect storm, high high demand on flu shots it increased awareness in the community of how important it is to get vaccinated and be proactive," said Baker.

Brookshire Brothers pharmacy staff says they will point those still wanting a flu shot in the direction of where they can get one.

The Brookshire Brothers Alto and Crockett locations only have 10 vaccinations each.

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