Nacogdoches grassroots organization protest Keystone XL pipeline with light brigade

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - A sign of caution lit up Mound Street Wednesday night asmembers of NacStop, a group against tar sands oil, demonstrated their oppositionagainst the start-up of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

"As this pipeline startshaving product flow through it we are all at risk, all of us have the potentialto have our air, water, places that we love changed forever," said Maya Lemon,NacStop Member.

Members of the group believe the pipeline presents a dangerthe people near it and decided to use an Autonomous light brigade to educateand prepare the community.

A group of about 25concerned citizens used these lighted signs to spread their message of cautionabout the pipeline.

"Tar sands isdifferent than conventional crude oil, it's a very heavy dense product," saidLemon.

Demonstrator Steve Chism says there are over 200 toxinsflowing though the pipeline and says now that the pump has started focus shiftsfrom landowner rights to all around community safety.

"Particularly in theDouglass School district where the pipeline runs 700 feet behind the DouglassSchool district," said Chism.

Their sign reads caution KXL tar sands here today and Chismsays no one is prepared for the potential consequences of the pipeline.

"The numerous anomaliesthat have been detected in the pipeline so far local first responders aren't anywhereprepared for what may happen," said Chism.

Demonstrators say thesafety and well being of their community propels them forward in their fightagainst the pipeline.

"The motivation forus in this group is to work for the things that are most precious to us, ourchildren and our family," said Lemon.

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