What an interesting past 24 hours this has been, huh? The white stuff did fall from the sky and we drove in it and played in it. Some had a good time while it was a headache and hard work for others. But we hope you were pleased with our coverage as we aimed to inform.

At 6, we bring you full coverage from both sides of the Angelina River. Caleb Beames in the south and Donna McCollum brings her report from the north. Plus, we'll also show you all the fun and snow kids had on their day out of school.

Also at 6 and 10, Francesca Washington shows off dozens of photos you sent in to us. Be sure to watch for your picture!

And be sure to keep a close watch on Brad Hlozek's forecast. Sounds like even though the snow is gone, those roads could still be dangerous.

Jeff Awtrey
Assignments editor