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Late night fire destroys storage building in Jacksonville

Source: Ryan Tew, Executive Director at Trinity Assisted Living Source: Ryan Tew, Executive Director at Trinity Assisted Living

An East Texas Medical Center two-story storage building made of metal and wood was destroyed in a Saturday night fire. The Jacksonville Fire Department says no one was hurt in the fire.

Crews spent Saturday night cleaning debris to get to the building's wood floors to keep the flames under control. Employees at Trinity Assisted Living in Jacksonville say they were on evacuation alert in case the fire rekindled overnight.

Jacksonville Fire Captain Ted Hunt says it took crews more than 30 minutes to put out the blaze.

"Being off the roadway it took a challenge to get in here. The building was fully involved. It was a defensive fire," Hunt said.

Hunt says crews on scene could not tell what was inside of the 6,000 sq. foot building because the fire was fully involved.

Allen Welch, who has lived next door for 13 years, says the flames were about 40 feet high.

"The embers were pretty big flying over our roofinto our yard. I was worried my roof would catch on fire," Welch said. "It got hot enough to heat our house up on the inside."

Welch says the storage building was the reason his house was built more than 100 years ago.

"They used that building to build the bricks and stuff tobuild my home. My home was built in 1892. They would take wagon and oxen andbring the bricks from that building to here," Welch said.

He looked at the debris Sunday afternoon thankful his house was not harmed. He says he's still confused on how the fire could have started.

"I don't know whatcaused the fire because there's no electricity in there; there's nothing inthere to cause a fire," Welch said. "So, I figured it was maybe either arson or a homelessperson starting a fire to stay warm."

The cause of the fire is undetermined at this time as the Jacksonville Fire Department is still investigating.

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