Family of 105-year-old Crockett woman says they are blessed she's still alive

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - Since 1909, a Crockett woman has been doing a whole lot of living. She started her life picking cotton for local farmers going on to enjoy fishing with her grand kids and dancing a whole lot with her family and late husband.

While Theresa Williams enjoys sleeping now, her family says even at 105 years old, she's still inspiring others to live their lives to the fullest.

"I like to dance. I can't. But I'd like to and I try. I can't though," Williams said.

At 105, Williams health is superb, and although she can't hear that well, she loves to spend time with her family.

"She's the light of our family. She's the glue that holds us together," said granddaughter Vane ser Mitchell.

From sun-up to sun-down, her daughter, Mary Daniels, says Williams loved to take her kids and grand kids fishing.

"That's all she ever talks about—catching the fish, going down the hills, she is just so wonderful," said granddaughter, Lavora Hicks.

While a woman of few words, Williams perked up just enough to say how much she loves fishing.

"Fishing…yes, ma'am, I like to fish," Williams said.

And when she wasn't fishing, she was praying, her family said.

"Praying," Mitchell said.

"Praying, yeah, talking…" Daniels said.

"Bossing…don't forget the bossing…" Mitchell said.

"Yeah, bossing…talking and bossing," Daniels said.

One of the things Williams family says she was the best at was cooking.

"Talk about the best fried chicken. Cakes, oh Lord, I can just taste them now. Biscuits…she talk about biscuits now. She's going to go in there and make them up for us. She's going to make us biscuits and greens," Daniels said.

Daniels is the only surviving child of Williams, who had three children in total. But says Williams loved raising children, and when she wasn't with family, she helped local farmers.

"She picked cotton. She worked in domestic work and that's all you know, stay at home work mostly," Daniels said.

One of the things she loved to do was sing and fix supper for her husband.

"He would go to the store for her. She used to get mad because he would go to the store and bring the wrong thing back and fuss at him. He used to love her fix meat loaf and she would say 'I'm tired of you bringing back that ground meat…I'm tired of that ground meat. But she would go in there and fix it for him," Daniels said.

Her pies…

"I remember those lemon pies, coconut, and pineapple pie…Christmas, the whole table would be full," Mitchell and Daniels said.

And Domino games were the talk of town.

"I didn't like to play with her because she cheats. She'll play a bogus play and said I didn't do that…you did that," Daniels said.

But without her, the family says they would never have survived.

"She prays and to me, she must have been obedient coming up, you know? To live this long and all I can say is thank God for her. We're so blessed," Mitchell said.

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