'Her spirit will be deeply missed'

Though she was a New Orleans native, she captured the heart of East Texas just with some extra love and customer service. Tonight at 10, Caleb Beames brings you the story of "Miss Stella" the popular Whataburger employee who died Monday.

An East Texas family is sharing the love after a small blanket helped them connect with their newborn son. Unable to hold Baby Luke for a week, his parents used their scent so he could grow closer to them. At 5, Francesca Washington explains how the patch works and how the couple is sharing it for other parents.

At 6, find out why Center police are seeing a reduction in the force and how residents feel about two less members of the force working the streets.

Public demand, pipeline mishaps and a desire to just keep people safe. They're all influencing factors in providing pipeline emergency response training for local emergency responders.  Such a training is happening right now in Nacogdoches, just like the one Donna McCollum attended earlier today. She'll have more at 10.

Most of the time, Michelle Reed's installments of "Survivors" focus on those who have overcome obstacles in life. But tonight at 10, she focuses on one who has survived life for 105 years.

Jeff Awtrey
Assignments editor