SFA Students fundraising for service project in Romania

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Students with the New Opportunitiesfor Romanian Children (NOROC) organization at Stephen F. Austin StateUniversity are looking for help to fund a trip to Romania in May.

The mission is inspired by studentsof Dr. Adam Peack's Freshman Leadership Academy. The students will be travelingto Romania to help out in orphanages.

"This project was a realeye-opening experience for our students. They learned how hard life can be forthese children in Romania and how without intervention many end up in life-longpoverty or even being sold into human trafficking," Peck said.

"We had done a racefor this organization that was already picked for us, but we had raised so muchmoney for them that we wanted to do more," student Morgan Pulliam said.

"Wewill be putting on soccer games, and are also trying to build them up alittle Christmas shop so they can sell items so when they get out of theorphanage and they can make money and have a job," student Leah Housersaid.

Thegroup is accepting donations through the SFA Student Affairs office.

Thegroups first fundraiser will be a babysitting event on Feb.14 at theWestminster Presbyterian Church on North Street in Nacogdoches.

Formore information on the event click here.

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