Speed Limit Changes Could Be Coming To Lufkin

Drivers zip through 59 south of Lufkin all the time, many ignoring the speed limit.

But the speed limit along 59 south could soon be going down. A major goal to help prevent speed related crashes.

Officer Toby Stanaland of the Lufkin Police Dept. said, "the higher the speeds, the more chance there is of having an accident with a higher amount of injuries and property damage."

To slow down the speedy drivers, the city is considering lowering the speed limit from 55, to 45, all the way to the loop.

Stanaland said, "there's a lot of new shopping centers and a lot of new businesses and restaurants down that way. There's a lot of traffic congestion right now. This is not gonna reduce the traffic congestion, it's simply goin' to slow the traffic down."

Slower traffic would give people more time to hit the brakes. We found lots of support for the speed limit drop among drivers who use this road as a daily commute.

One driver said, "45 the whole way. Cause you be going into town so 45 should be the right speed limit."

"I try to watch it because I know there be a lot of wrecks through here so I gotta take my time," said another driver.

Not many people do take their time. Most drivers we saw driving along 59 were going at least 10 miles per hour over the posted limit. By tightening up the law authorities hope to avoid responding to accidents like those we have seen in the past.