Lufkin students learn science and math with the help of legos

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Brick by brick students invarious Lufkin and Nacogdoches ISD schools are learning through the use oflegos.

The Bricks 4 Kidz after schoolprogram is five years-old and the East Texas area is just one of the newestplaces it has caught on. There are over 400 franchises in the program acrossthe globe.

"If we didn't come heretoday, we wouldn't have learned," Brookhollow student Blake Morgan said.
"We wouldn't have known about the fun experiences."

The program was started lastspring by Erin Lopez and Lufkin ISD teacher Jennie Freeman.

Lopez said the programoffers students a nontraditional way to learn what is in the textbooks thatthey read every day.

"All of our lessonshave STEM principles built in, which are science technology, engineering andmath," Lopez said. "So every lesson has some aspect of STEM built in, so kidsare actually picking up lessons over the technology and engineering. "

And the students agree.

"It's better because mostlyit takes a long time to read a book," Brookhollow student Nicole Weiss said.

"It's really creativeand I like playing with it and watching it move," Brookhollow student SeanHale said.

"We had to work in ateam," Brookhollow student Kathryn Teague said. I had to learn how to do teamworks and how it feels."

"You can't just read abook about it," Brookhollow student Emily Rivera said. "You actually get toexperience how it works."

Within an hour the legoschange from being individual pieces to becoming moving science experiments andthe students can't wait to come back next week for harder challenges.

The program is offered inseveral Lufkin schools and is starting up in two Nacogdoches schools. Bricks 4Kidz also has summer camps for all school ages and offers a fun learningexperience away from the classroom.

To learn more about the group click here.

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