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Call 11 For Action: "I'm not in the business to screw people over"

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Felicity Strauss never would have imagined buying from a used appliance store would be one huge pain. In October Strauss purchased a used washer from $160 from United Used Appliances store in Toledo. 
The washer came with a 45-day warranty and a 24-hour return policy. Strauss took the washer back to her Sylvania apartment the same day she purchased it. Strauss says it began leaking from the bottom.
"I called the store and the owner told me I could bring it back," Strauss said.
Strauss took the second washer home that same day and it had the same problem. 
"I did a load of laundry and the laundry floor was just soaked," Strauss said.
Strauss called the store again, but this time she wanted a refund. Strauss says she was told by Moe, the store owner that wasn't going to happen. In fact, he gave her another one.
Strauss took the third machine home and this one had a different problem. The water wouldn't drain all the way from the machine. So once again Strauss called the store to speak to Moe.
Strauss says he was adamant that a service tech would come to her home. Strauss says she called the service tech a number of times and finally got a hold of him, but he still did not show up.
We called the number given to Strauss, and now the number is disconnected.
"He just kept giving me excuse after excuse," Strauss said.
Our Call 11 For Action team paid a visit to United Used Appliances to speak with Moe.
Moe told us that all the machines are tested before leaving the store. He admitted to testing the first washing machine and didn't find a problem.
"I tried to work with Felicity. She never asked for a refund. I run a very transparent business. I'm not in the business to screw people over," Moe said.
However, Moe stated he didn't test the second washer. As for the service tech, Moe stated he wasn't sure what happened or maybe the tech changed his number.
Strauss says she was never told about any of this. We asked Moe if he would f give Strauss her refund. Moe offered to give Strauss her money back.
"After working with you guys, it's done and over with. I'm glad I can move on," Strauss said.
Here's some tips from the Better Business Bureau of Northwest Ohio you need to know before buying anything used.
Used merchandise is assumed to be sold "as is" with no warranty unless the seller offers one. If the sales paperwork has terms like "as is" or "with all faults" the customer is basically surrendering any recourse to ask for help from the seller if a problem develops. For this reason, buyers of used goods should carefully check out the item before buying.

• Any warranty on a used item purchase should be obtained in writing. Verbal agreements cannot be trusted. Among the saddest words we hear are, "But the salesman said…."
• Used goods cannot legally be sold as "new." The fact that they are used must be fully disclosed by the seller.
• Many consumers mistakenly believe that all sales come with a "three day law" to cancel. This is NOT true! There is no three day law on most used item purchases.
• When buying a used car, we suggest taking the car to a trusted mechanic or repair shop for inspection before buying. Used cars may also come with a history printout (e.g. "Carfax") which can be very helpful.
• Consumers who believe they have been deceived when buying used goods should complain first to the seller. They should document the problems they are having and be realistic is their demands. Be courteous and professional; we find that this approach works better than anger and profanity. 
• If they have a written warranty they can also complain to the BBB or other agencies. Many disputes over used sales are taken to their local small claims court to have them decided. Costs are low and no lawyer is needed.

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