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2 men rescued after truck goes through ice near Catawba Island

Ice in the Maumee River Ice in the Maumee River
OTTAWA COUNTY, OH (Press Release) -

The Coast Guard and local emergency response agencies responded to the scene of a truck that fell through the ice Friday morning near Catawba Island in Lake Erie.  

Two people were in the truck when it broke through the ice, but they were able to escape and get to shore before the truck completely fell through the ice.

At about 10 a.m., an ice rescue team from Station Marblehead was nearby, taking part in a motorcade to pay tribute to the two fallen Toledo firefighters when they got the call to respond. They drove to the scene.

Once on scene, the rescue team responded on foot to ensure the two men were alright and confirm there was no one else on the ice or in the water.

 "If you do venture out on the ice, exercise extreme caution," said Lt. James Long, chief of response at MSU Toledo. "We also want people to remain vigilant to the ever-changing weather and ice conditions as these two men were very lucky not to have fallen through the ice with their truck"

"The truck did have fuel in the tank so there is a pollution risk, but the Coast Guard will do everything we can to minimize the pollution risk as we await the salvage plan from the vehicle's owner," said Long.

The Coast Guard and other first responders advise people to remember the acronym I.C.E. when it comes to ice safety, and when planning to venture out on the frozen lakes.

I.C.E. = Information, Clothing and Equipment.

Information – Check the weather and ice conditions; tell a friend of your intended destination; know who and how to call for help.

Clothing – Wear sufficient clothing, including a dry suit, to prevent hypothermia. Choose bright colors and reflective garments to aid searchers if you should end up needing help.

Equipment – Never venture onto the ice without proper safety equipment: a marine radio, a Personal Locator Beacon, a life jacket, a compass or GPS, and screw drivers or ice picks, which may allow you to pull yourself out of the water should you break through.

For more information on how to stay safe, including how to treat hypothermia, read the Coast Guard's "Think Twice with Ice" safety brochure.

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