Autonomous Light Brigade protesting XL Pipeline and demanding freedom for imprisoned protesters

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Last Friday the State Department released the final version of the Keystone XL pipeline environmental impact statement and the analysis for all intensive purposes said the State Department had no major concerns and all but rubber stamped the project for approval from the Obama Administration.

The Autonomous Light Brigade and Nac-Stop responded to these recent developments by organizing a peaceful protest hoping their message is heard.

The group of concerned citizens were out in front of the Nacogdoches County Courthouse Monday night showing solidarity for not one but two purposes.

Their lighted signs had a message and that message was "No Keystone XL Free The MI Cats" and what that messages means is that first they do not support the Keystone XL pipeline and it running through Nacogdoches County and two they are showing their support for 3 women who are behind bars for doing what they are doing, protesting.

One of the main reasons the Autonomous Light Brigade gathered was to write letters to three women known as the MI-Cats who were arrested for protesting the pipeline.

Nac Stop member, Maya Lemon said, "We also are here to show solidarity with 3 women who were arrested in Michigan for peacefully protesting tar sands in their community. They're facing up to 3 years in prison. These 3 women went out to keep their communities and families safe and their facing some tough sentences so we're here to show our support for them."

The protesters say they want to stop tar sands construction and development in the area because it's a very toxic substance and the community would be at risk if there were ever a spill.

Nac Stop member Louise Sturrup said, "We have a 30 day comment period to tell President Obama what we think about the northern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline being built where it will be sent off to China, India whoever wants to pay lots of money for it. It won't even be helping us in terms of our oil independence."

KTRE learned there are vigils going on just like this one in at least 48 states and they are hoping that their message will be hear loud and clear by TransCanada and by President Barack Obama.

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