East Texans reflect on 10 years of Facebook

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Ten years ago beganthe age of the social network.

"Facebook was the newthing and MSM slowly died," Angelina College student Anthony Schrader said. "Honestlyno [I didn't think it was going to make it]. I didn't know where it was headed."

But Facebook didn't go away,it only got bigger and now it's hard to imagine the world without the socialnetworking site.

Law enforcement has evencaught on.

"It's instantaneousalmost," Sgt. Greg Sowell with the Nacogdoches Police Department said. "On allof our releases we just make it a routine to put it on Facebook."

It has also given a new placefor criminals to lurk who use the site to reach out to their victims.

"Parents should becareful who their children add and for that matter adults should be carefulabout who they friend," Sowell said. "You get friend request every day. I knowI do from people who you have no idea of who they are."

The classroom has alsocaught on.

"What people use is always changing andif we want to be relevant as educators then we have to change," Huntington ISDAssistant Superintendent Maria Bentacourt-Smith said.

Students in high schoolare blocked from using the site on campus, but college students can see wherethe there could be an issue.

"I can see where itcould be a problem, but at the same though you can use it correctly and don'tabuse it could actually come to your advantage," Schrader said.

The site has also become asource for income.

"We have sales thatare for our Facebook friends only and that have generated some interest,"Nacogdoches Floral owner James Ballow said.

So as much as it has grownin 10 years will Facebook be a thing of the past?

"I wouldn't besurprised in 10 years if we aren't using something else," Smith said.

"It's definitelygoing to have to evolve, because if it doesn't evolve it's going to die out," Schradersaid.

Facebook is celebrating its tenth birthday by giving a specialpresent to all its users.

They created a personalized video for each user, based on theirsubmissions to the social network over the years.

The Look Back videos put your photos, status and events to musicfor a quick one-minute retrospective.

Users will receive anotification of the video, or can click here: https://www.facebook.com/lookback

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