LISD Superintendent David Sharp Puts In His Resignation

A change at the top for the Lufkin School District. Lufkin Superintendent David Sharp is resigning.

The announcement came at Thursday's School Board Meeting.

Sharp plans to finish out the rest of this school year and then officially resign as superintendent. Sharp calls the decision to step down a tough one, but he knows it is best.

David Sharp said, "before it gets to the point that I can't do the job at the level I think it needs to be done, I think it's something I need to do is retire. There's been a lot of superintendents before me and there will be a lot of superintendents after me and the district is in great shape and will continue to be in good shape."

Sharp says the resignation is really his retirement, but he has no plans to leave Lufkin. Instead he plans to become more involved in civic organizations.

Sharp tells us he's confident the board will find the best candidate to replace him.