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Previously-sealed documents in Bernie Tiede murder case released

Bernie Tiede appeared in a Carthage courtroom on Wednesday Bernie Tiede appeared in a Carthage courtroom on Wednesday
CARTHAGE, TX (KLTV) - On Wednesday, sealed documents in Bernie Tiede's murder case were released and we have obtained a copy of those documents.

Tiede appeared in a Carthage courtroom in front of Judge Diane DeVasto on Wednesday afternoon. Over 40 people, including media, showed up for the hearing. The hearing was a formality to unseal a writ from Tiede's attorney, Jodie Cole, so they can take up issues regarding new evidence pertaining to sentencing in his case.

Tiede is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of Marjorie Nugent, a wealthy Carthage widow. He is eligible for parole in 2027.

According to the unsealed documents, which were originally filed on January 28, newly-discovered evidence has revealed new facts regarding Tiede's history of severe sexual abuse, as well as the abusive relationship that occurred between Tiede and Nugent.

The document goes on to say that there was a "fundamental miscarriage of justice and complete denial of Mr. Tiede's constitutional rights to due process and an impartial jury trial."

"Mr. Tiede received the harshest penalty possible. The jury based their sentence on three controverted, previously unresolved facts that are now material to the legality of [Tiede's] confinement," the paperwork continues.

The unresolved facts are whether Tiede could have experienced a dissociative-type episode when he killed Nugent, instead of acting with premeditation; how Tiede could have compartmentalized the killing in order to go about his business in the community for months after the crime; and whether Tiede was a continuing danger to widows or other vulnerable people.

The paperwork alleges that the new evidence regarding past childhood sexual abuse, Nugent's abusive nature and the verbal abuse by an outside party around the time of the crime provides a solution to the three, previously unanswered questions.

Tiede will be back in court once a revised writ is filed. Until two weeks ago, he had been imprisoned at the Texas Department of Corrections Telford Unit in New Boston, about 100 miles north of Carthage.

A new hearing is tentatively scheduled for March.

There is a pending felony theft charge against Tiede which will be taken up a later date. Cole will represent him in that case as well.

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