Breaking news Wednesday

The news has not stopped pouring into the KTRE newsroom. But rest assured, we are on top of it all to bring you the latest.

In Tyler County, the fight for a four-year-old child of a man shot to death in a church parking lot begins. Michelle Reed attended the hearing today and will bring you the latest at 6.

We also learned of the FBI raid on a DETCOG office in Jasper, as well as the director's home and church. Leigha Hughes will show you that video at 6.

Also at 6, find out why the investigation into the death of Alfred Wright is being handed up to the state attorney general's office.

Authorities say they have found the three responsible for the hoax against Woden ISD. We'll also have that at 6.

And we'll be live from Carthage, where Bernie Tiede, of "Bernie" fame, made an appearance in court today to begin his quest to get out of prison.

It's a breaking news-packed show and you'll want to be sure to watch!

Jeff Awtrey
Assignments editor