Lufkin students use QR codes for classroom work

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Some Lufkin students are going toschool with a little more tech savvy, after a lesson with a popular app device.Students across the district recently participated in the Digital Learning Day.

"A QR Code withoutthe devices, it just looks like black dots, but the devices can scan and allthe little dots are like words for the device." Dunbar student JarenCharvos said.

The students scanned codesto unlock clues on a recycling scavenger hunt.

"I thought it wouldbe a great way to integrate what they are doing with recycling and somethingthey could easily use with the devices they were bringing," LISD TechnologySpecialist Summer Garcia said.

Once the students got thefirst clue they were off to the playground for their first of five stops.

Later on, the studentsthen get to show adults what they learned.

"We started withsecond grade, but we could have done it sooner because they already know whatthey are doing with the devices," Garcia said.

They are eager to go homeand teach their parents a thing or two.

"I'm pretty sure theyknow how, but I'm going to go home and tell them anyway," Charvos said.

Students at Dunbar were not the only ones totake part; Kurth Primary also had a QR Code scavenger hunt and at Brookhollow,students had a history lesson and tweeted about it.

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