Parts of East Texas see some snow accumulation

snow at a house in Corrigan
snow at a house in Corrigan

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - With the latest round of winter weather moving through Deep East Texas, Texas Department of Transportation crews have begun the process of treating bridges and overpasses.

Crews are reporting sleet and snow in Angelina, Houston, and Polk counties with ice already starting to form on bridges, overpasses, and roadways.

"Motorists are advised to drive with caution," a TxDOT press release stated.

Houston County: Patches of ice developing on SH 21 West at the Trinity River Bridge.

Polk County: U.S. 59 bridges at Bear Creek and Piney Creek are icing over. Ice developing on some areas of the roadway as well.

San Augustine County: Ice accumulating on SH 147 bridge which has been treated with rock.

Trinity County: Crews putting rock on bridges on SH 19, FM 356, FM 230 due to ice starting to accumulate.

Crews in Angelina, Nacogdoches, Sabine, San Jacinto, and Shelby counties are checking the roadways, but there are no reports of problems with ice at this time.

Residents in Polk County woke up to snow and ice. Neighborhood yards and roof tops were covered in ice, but early on, the major concern was the roadways.

"We haven't seen any accidents here in Corrigan a few people got stuck," said Joe Walker,  a Corrigan resident.

Corrigan resident Thomas Spurlock said the winter blast slowed down his morning commute.

"I was driving down the road, and it started to sleet and a little bit of rain and a little a bit of snow that was about 7:30 this morning ," Spurlock said.

But the ice is something residents are becoming all too familiar with. Walker said that it was less ice then they've seen recently, but they gladly welcome the winter weather.

"When we see snow up here, it's amazing. The little kids come out and just enjoy it. It doesn't happen here a lot," Walker said.

TxDOT spokesperson Kathi White says there were a few problem spots on U.S. Highway 59 bridges heading towards Diboll on Bear and Piney Creek.

And the road treatments have worked.

"A lot of ice toward the side of the road right now the roads are pretty good," Spurlock said.

Weather patterns were all over the place in San Augustine County, and it snowed in the Broaddus area.

There was nothing but a stiff north wind and some gray clouds on the way into San Augustine on Highway 21. However, Rodney Ainsworth, the Pct. 4 county commissioner for San Augustine County said that residents in the south end of the county near the Sam Rayburn Reservoir reported about an inch and a half of snow.

By mid-morning the only snow to be found in the Broaddus area was in the shadows. Although the snow on the tree limbs created a pretty landscape, it didn't cause motorists too many problems.

However, one motorist had to ask for help getting his vehicle out of a ditch after he got a little too far off the road to avoid another vehicle.

Every where else, the roads were just fine. The trucks passed Sportsman Corner on Highway 83 North with no problems. Road crews had already put gravel on the area's bridges by mid-morning.

"I would slow down and especially on some of the dirt roads where it may be muddy because the snow is going to melt and some of the roads are going to be sloppy," Ainsworth said.

Thursday's snow marked the third snow accumulation of the year for San Augustine County. Each time, the accumulation is less and less. However, spring is still more than a month and a half away.

In Trinity County, the winter weather caused some concerns that got relayed to the Trinity Police Department. A hair salon owner called Trinity Police Chief Steve Jones.

"She told me that some of her clients had called and told her, "'We have to cancel today. We have been snowed in,'"

Residents near White Oak Creek say this winter has been one they won't forget.

"If global warming is happening, it is not happening in Trinity, TX this winter," said Hayden Colby, a Trinity County resident.

Law enforcement had a few worries.

"With the cold that we had last night and the little bit of sleet and snow that we had today, we were worried about it, however we have had no accidents reported and no injuries," Jones said.

"Last time we had a lot of calls due to people running off the roads because of the ice being thicker, and this time we really haven't had anything," said Courtney Schumacher, a 911 dispatcher for Trinity County.

Jones said that after the third time, residents have got the message.

"Gratefully, a lot of people in our community are using a little bit of common sense, and they are staying off the roads and are being extra careful, and I think with the more storms we have been having they are getting more use to how to handle it," Jones said.

Colby, a business owner, said he was surprised to hear that.

"It looks like TXDOT was on the ball and got the sand in time to prevent any accidents because I haven't seen anything despite the bad conditions," Colby said.

Jones also added that while it was fun to have these snow days, he hopes it is the last of the winter weather.

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