Lufkin residents celebrate Arbor Day with free trees

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - The cold weather is notstopping residents from celebrating Arbor Day! Hundreds lined up to receivefree tree seedlings this morning.

20,000 tree seedlings weregiven away at the annual Angelina Beautiful Clean tree giveaway. This year theevent moved to the expo center from the mall but organizers say they had asteady flow of traffic all morning.

The event helps replenishtrees destroyed by storm damage or drought.

"When you drive outof town going towards Nacogdoches or Crockett, you still see tress dying, whichis just left over stress from the drought we had," Rob Hughes, with theCampbell Group said. "We are starting to catch up, but we are not thereyet."

Trees were also donated tofour school districts where some will be planted, and others will be used inclassroom lessons.

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